SMS Messaging

Tap into the powerful API to create thousands of unique SMS communications for customer support updates, order statuses, service delays or changes, appointment reminders, fundraising, and location-based promotions using short branded links. And, since they’re short links, save on SMS per-character fees.

Deep Links

Use’s mobile deep links to directly route users to the right place within your app or send them to the app store to download it. Deep links create a seamless transition to mobile, drive app engagement, and encourage app installs.

QR Codes

Instantly generate a QR code for any of your links. Our QR Codes have all of the powerful tracking and features of our links and can be placed virtually anywhere—print media, billboards, storefronts, stickers, t-shirts, you name it—to connect your users back to your online experience.

Campaign Management & Analytics

A real-time, interactive dashboard gives you a full view of metrics like app opens and store visits across every device and channel—whether that’s Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS. With, you can clearly see what’s working, as well as where and how your customers are engaging.

Integrations integrates into your workflow and existing tech stack so you don’t need to change the way you do things. Create mobile deep links right from the tools you’re already using, like Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Spredfast, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and hundreds more.

The link shortener that has your brand’s back

Your brand wasn’t built to be hidden. Help it stand out with branded links that drive 34% more clicks.

Inspire trust

With more clicks comes increased brand recognition and consumer trust in your communications—which in turn inspires even more engagement with your links. (It’s a wonderful cycle.)

Boost results

On top of better deliverability and click-through, rich link-level data gives you crucial insight into your link engagement so your team can make smarter decisions around its content and communications.

Gain control

Take credit for your content and learn more about how it’s consumed by enabling auto-branding—a feature that ensures your brand remains in any link someone shortens pointing to your website.

PREMIUM MARKETING TOOLS helps to learn about customer behaviour so that You can be more focused on your campaign and can justify your campaign is targeting your audiences or not.


Shortens long, messy and complex URLs with a click of button - your short and smart URL will be ready for action.


Both you and your users can enjoy an all-in one dashboard with all the tools need for a successful campaign.


Generate beautiful profiles for social media platforms by adding links to important sites and share a single link. Customize the profile by choosing the appearance and enabling custom lists.


Packed with super targeting features - allowing your customers to target their visitors by device and location with a single short URL.

BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED URL shortener is beautifully designed for serious online businesses that want to run a marketing tool.


Each URL shortened goes under a series of very restrict protocols to make sure they are safe. All of your shortened URLs encrypted with military grade encryptions.

Clients Who Trust Us

Starting with small and medium businesses and all the way to US-wide and multi-national corporations, in the last 5 years.



Simply put: this makes building a Campaign a breeze! Absolutely no IT Supports aree needed and there are plenty of options and customizations available in every sense. Thank you Tick Team, for an incredible premium - yet affordable Application!

Jonah Peretti

CEO @BuzzFeed is more then a link shortener for Affiliates, Blogger and Marketer.

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